Design contributes to human knowledge.

It’s political and it has consequences.

Milena Radzikowska & Stan Ruecker, Design +DH, Intellect Books, 2021

We Are All Works in Progress S2:5 of Working Mom Wellness

This month, I had the great privilege of being interviewed by Lisa Bush—the creator of the Working Mom Wellness Community and host of the Working Mom Wellness Podcast. In the episode: We Are All Works in Progress, we spoke about: How design—though often invisible—has a significant impact on women’s mental

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About Short Videos on Design

Dr. Stan Ruecker and I have created a series of free video lectures that cover key topics in our design classes (at Mount Royal University and University of Illinois). We have more than 50 videos so far on introductory and advanced topics in research methods, graphic design, critical reading, speculative design, interface and interaction design, manipulating form, plus a few case studies. All videos are available on Vimeo.

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research areas


Design research contributes new knowledge that is actionable—beginning with an attempt to understand the present, grounded in an acknowledgement of the past that has shaped it, in order to define a better future and then figure out how to get to it from here, the present.


This is a category of problems (proposed by Rittel and Webber in the 1960s) that are messy, unsettling, complex, and ill-formulated. They contain confusing information, engage multiple stakeholders who hold conflicting values, and often result in confusing ramifications.

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