This year’s Congress of the Humanities was held in Victoria, BC, followed by the annual Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI). My colleagues, Gerry Derksen, Jennifer Windsor, and I team taught a course called Visual Design for Digital Humanists. This offering provided an introduction to the theory and practical application of the fundamentals of visual communication design, in the context of digital humanities projects. Emphasis was placed on conceptualization, iteration, principles and elements of design, grid-based layouts, and typography. Instruction was a combination of lecture format, demonstration, in-class critiques, hands-on exercises, and a project component derived from student materials. We explored how student projects could beRead More →

In Winter 2013, Piotr Michura and I co-taught COMM 3611 Visual Communication for Information Design II course at MRU. This is a third-year course, where we focus on interface design. Every year I attempt to collaborate with not-for-profit agency as the guest client for the course. This year the client was HIV Edmonton. Laura Keegan and Dylan Richards worked with us to create a new web site design for the agency. In addition, as the last project of the semester, we asked students to envision, design, then pitch an experimental interface on the topic of HIV / AIDS. Project Requirements: Interactivity – the final resultRead More →