A large component of the design learning in the 3rd year is idea generation and concept development. In COMM 3610, we combine that with advanced-level typography and layout. Students focus on designing two, connected parts: a new typographic system and grid design for an article; and a visual pull that dominates the first spread. The design has to be based on a unique, well-written, appropriate, and defendable concept. The concept must demonstrate tension – it must be compelling and “exciting” in both idea and execution.

“Just why so many bees have died is far from clear” by Margo Petroff (2014).
“Trust where trust rarely lies: Teaching at San Quentin” by Jamie Anderson (2014).
“Discovery by design: Designers extracting the signal from the noise; reinvigorating old concepts into fresh ideas; a collaboration and evolution of ideas that already exist.” by Stephanie Stobart (2013).
Gen Y
by Chelsea Wilson (2013)

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