This panel introduces a central research thread of the newly-founded qcollaborative, an intersectional feminist design research lab with nodes at the Universities of Waterloo, Mount Royal, and Illinois ( Our interest in performance and technology in public practices arises out of our founding convenors’ longstanding commitments to the digital humanities, which is, as a field, increasingly attentive to the material and embodied environments in which our tools and methods are deployed. In this panel, we articulate four approaches we are taking to the question: How can we use materializations of the digital to increase the positive impacts of digital tools and encourage healthy interactions with them?

These projects are particularly concerned with the discursive agency of youth in social media and pedagogical environments.

Presenters (in alphabetical order):
S. MacDonald (University of Waterloo)
M. Radzikowska (Mount Royal University)
J. Roberts-Smith (University of Waterloo)
S. Ruecker (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
B. Wiens (York University)


Venue: University of British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Organizer:CSDH/SCHN for the 2019 Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities

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