Design contributes to human knowledge.

It’s political and it has consequences.

Milena Radzikowska & Stan Ruecker, Design + DH, Intellect Books, 2022

Feminists Coloring Feminists—new expanded edition

Dr. Milena RadzikowskaDr. Aynur KadirDr. Shana MacDonaldDr. Jennifer Roberts-SmithDr. Stan RueckerDr. Brianna Wiens BUY YOURS ON AMAZON > This book is intended as a space for both reflection and recognition of the public figures who model for us the kinds of work that need to be done, and who inspire

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Kindness Through Design

Last year, what started as a quick post on FaceBook, grew into groceries and gift cards for five Calgary families plus a $2,000 donation through the Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association. The generosity and good will of our friends and neighbours blew us away. This year, my dear friend—Dr. D. Scharie

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Research-Creation in Urgent Times

Design Collaboration Across Disciplines Design researchers and practitioners collaborate across a wide range of communities, disciplines, and subject matters. When people from different fields choose to work together, they need to find ways to understand each other as they are often separated by the words they use, the ways they

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research areas


Design research contributes new knowledge that is actionable—beginning with an attempt to understand the present, grounded in an acknowledgement of the past that has shaped it, in order to define a better future and then figure out how to get to it from here, the present.


This is a category of problems (proposed by Rittel and Webber in the 1960s) that are messy, unsettling, complex, and ill-formulated. They contain confusing information, engage multiple stakeholders who hold conflicting values, and often result in confusing ramifications.

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