About Short Videos on Design

Dr. Stan Ruecker and I have created a series of free video lectures that cover key topics in our design classes (at Mount Royal University and University of Illinois). We have more than 50 videos so far on introductory and advanced topics in research methods, graphic design, critical reading, speculative design, interface and interaction design, manipulating form, plus a few case studies. All videos are available on Vimeo.

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Mental Health During COVID19 Mini-Project

“We are living in a pandemic” is meant to reduce the stigma associated with mental health, putting it in the context of our common experience of dealing with COVID19. There are two versions of the poster. One version includes a list of supports specific to Alberta (Canada). The second has, instead, an editable field where you can add your own, local resources. Please feel free to print, edit, and share!

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Meeting Notes Template

For all those online meetings in our near future. I’m particularly looking forward to using the emotional state indicator. Available in iPad and Print versions.

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