TAPoR was originally created to be a directory only of tools used for text analysis, but it has evolved to its current iteration where it includes a far greater range of tools including code snippets that can do the work of tools. In 2018 TAPoR absorbed the DiRT project (Digital Research Tools) and now includes tools that work on non-textual data and tools that provide services used by digital humanists. This evolution largely reflects that of the field of digital humanities, and the collection includes the following categories of tools:

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Design for Peace & Reconciliation Project

2019— Colombia, a country on the North-Western corner of South America, has been facing certain critical challenges—after a 50-year civil war, many Colombians are left suffering the effects of living in a post-conflict zone and the consequences of the displacement of over 3 million persons, and the death of 220,000,

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A Speculative Feminist Approach to Project Management Project

2019 We applied a speculative feminist approach to the design of software for project management. As we interpret it, speculative feminist design in human-computer interaction (HCI) demonstrates attention to the following six principles (as defined by Radzikowska, 2015): challenging the status quo; designing for an actionable ideal; searching out the invisible;

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Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE)

2009—2016 The international INKE Research Project consisted of 35 researchers across 20 institutions and 21 partner agencies, with work involving some 19 postdoctoral research fellows and 53 graduate research assistants over the life of the project. Directed by Ray Siemens (U Victoria), its work in 2016 was led by Siemens,

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Design for Manufacturing Decision Support

2009—2015 What should 21st century interfaces used in oil production look like? When plant managers use software to make decisions, what factors should they consider? Should we design interfaces that include the quantitative and the qualitative experiences of the decision-makers? Considering decision support through the lenses of critical and feminist theories

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shame of a woman material data project

Material Data Provocations Project

2018— Materialization (or to materialize) is defined as “to invest or become invested with a physical shape or form”. Materialization is a process of transmutation: more alchemy than construction, with the results uncertain and in flux. I draw my inspiration from the Tangible Bits Group’s “painted bits” as graphical user

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Feminists Coloring Feminists—new expanded edition

Dr. Milena RadzikowskaDr. Aynur KadirDr. Shana MacDonaldDr. Jennifer Roberts-SmithDr. Stan RueckerDr. Brianna Wiens BUY YOURS ON AMAZON > This book is intended as a space for both reflection and recognition of the public figures who model for us the kinds of work that need to be done, and who inspire

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Mental Health During COVID19 Mini-Project

“We are living in a pandemic” is meant to reduce the stigma associated with mental health, putting it in the context of our common experience of dealing with COVID19. There are two versions of the poster. One version includes a list of supports specific to Alberta (Canada). The second has, instead, an editable field where you can add your own, local resources. Please feel free to print, edit, and share!

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Meeting Notes Template

For all those online meetings in our near future. I’m particularly looking forward to using the emotional state indicator. Available in iPad and Print versions. Enjoy!

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qLab Colouring Feminist Activists Mini-Project

2019— The qCollaborative is pleased to present our inaugural Colouring Feminist Activists, the first in a series of books designed by the lab to celebrate and contemplate the vital work done by leading feminist activists of the past and present. 21 colouring pages that include the following memorable activists: Harriet

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Kid Stuck at Home Mini-Project

For those looking at some unplanned trapped at home with kids time, I just finished making an activity booklet for mine and added a few pages of activities for “when you’re stuck at home”. Some of the other activities can be modified to serve the same function, and I added

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Arts and Humanities poster

Arts & Humanities Education Mini-Project

Do you ever wonder why certain governments tend to seek the defunding of Arts and Humanities programs? Building on The Humanities Matter! poster created by the University College London (UCL) Centre for Digital Humanities and 4Humanities, we created a new infographic arguing for the contributions made to contemporary society by

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