Information Visualization for Humanities Scholars Project

2004—2013 Information visualization for humanities scholars needs to accommodate a mix of evidence and argumentation. The humanities approach consists not of converging toward a single interpretation that cannot be challenged but rather of examining the objects of study from as many reasonable and original perspectives as possible to develop convincing

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Freedom of expression poster

Academic Freedom vs Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression and academic freedom are vital in a democratic society. But Alberta and Ontario governments seem intent on undermining those freedoms by distorting their meaning. To help add clarity to the debates, we’ve created a poster guide, free to print and share.

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Occupation Stress Injury Mini-Project

ID’s Associate Professors Dr. Milena Radzikowska and Dr. D. Scharie Tavcer from the Criminal Justice Degree Program collaborated on a project to synthesize and translate information on occupational stress injury. Senior ID students, Madison Snell and Maria El-Lahib, attended the 2017 Occupational Stress Injury Symposium—a sold-out event organized by MRU’s

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