TAPoR is a gateway to the tools used in sophisticated text analysis and retrieval.

TAPoR was originally created to be a directory only of tools used for text analysis, but it has evolved to its current iteration where it includes a far greater range of tools including code snippets that can do the work of tools. In 2018 TAPoR absorbed the DiRT project (Digital Research Tools) and now includes tools that work on non-textual data and tools that provide services used by digital humanists. This evolution largely reflects that of the field of digital humanities, and the collection includes the following categories of tools:

  • Publishing Tools—used by digital humanists to share research and to create new types of online research resources
  • Communication Tools—these are used and studied in DH, especially as relating to novel ways of communicating or managing digital humanities projects
  • Repositories and Archiving Tools—digital humanists create digital research resources, many of which are made available to the public for free use
  • GIS Tools—used to visualize spatial data. Research can be explored by geographical region using GIS
  • Browser Extensions
  • Photo/Video/Audio Editor and Related Tools—used to edit, analyze, produce, and publish multimedia objects
  • Development Tools

The project is led by Geoffrey Rockwell and Milena Radzikowska; developed by the Arts Resource Centre at the University of Alberta; and supported by Compute Canada Calcul: Westgrid the Canadian Institute for Research Computing in the ArtsUniversity of Alberta, the Social Science and Humanities Research Council and the Canada Foundation for Innovation

Others who have contributed significantly include Kirsten Uszkalo, James Chartrand (and Open Sky Solutions), Omar Rodriquez-Arenas, Kamal Ranaweera, Mark McKellar, Amy Dyrbye, Kaitlyn Grant, Holly H. Pickering, Chaolan Wu, Jingwei Wang, Kynan Ly, Antony Owino, Jason Bradshaw, Jinman Zhang, Robert Budac, Quinn Dombrowski, Shawn Day, and Lisa Goddard.  

With TAPoR 3.0 you can: 

  • Discover text manipulation, analysis, and visualization tools
  • Discover historic tools
  • Read tool reviews and recommendations
  • Learn about papers, articles and other sources about specific tools
  • Tag, comment, rate, and review collaboratively
  • Browse lists of related tools in order to discover tools more easily

The TAPoR 3.0 redesign aimed to:

  • Improve tool discovery interface
  • Improve engagement with text analysis tools
  • Focus on the discovery and social use of text analysis tools
  • Better communicate information about text analysis tools
  • Provide an Application Programming Interface to other services
  • Gather and reflect data about tool usage use

Where it’s been published/presented

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We remember co-lead Stéfan Sinclair who passed away on August 6th, 2020.